Glow, the highly anticipated new release from James Katz is now available!!

"If I was stuck on a desert Island . . .

... and could have only one mixed tape, 4 or 5 songs would have to be from 'glow'. . ."

- Matt Johnson
(John Mayer, Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright)

The 'glow' CD package includes 3 components featuring breathtaking photos by Crawford Morgan and the slick and crafty art direction of Peter Drubin.

"James Katz is a truly great songwriter/musician. He is equally adept at crafting meaningful, thought provoking lyrics ... as sublime and memorable melodies.

Having been a fan for a while, I've heard his music evolve and flourish here in N.Y.C. and "Glow" is James' crowning achievement.

This is the CD to enlighten countless as to what many all ready know, that James Katz is one of today's most vital artists.

- Matt Beck
(Matchbox 20, Lisa Loeb, 'Rent')

When you buy the 'glow' CD package, you get:

  1. The elegantly printed 10 song audio CD representing some of JK's best singing, playing, writing, co-writing, production, mixing and mastering to date, fleshed out by stellar performances by some of NYC's nastiest musicians.
  2. The stunning 10 panel Pantone fold out lyric/image booklet.
  3. The durable, lavishly printed 6 panel folding jacket that houses the CD and booklet with no plastic parts to break!
  4. The unlimited access pass for downloading any or all of 'glow', in any or all formats for your ipod or computer! (All downloads can be retrieved 3 times before they expire in your account.)

A $30.00 value all for the humble pittance of $14.95 US (plus $2.50 s/h).

"James Katz is no secret around the New York scene...

How many singers do you know who can burn a track with chops, emotion, and balls and still rap a fuckin shitstorm in the same track? ...

While running from the apocalypse in his dream, Katz tripped on some of the freshest shit to come out of the Lower East Side in years..."

- Ric Molina
(Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson)

But wait.....there's still more!!

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  3. Buy a 'glow' CD package ($14.95), and you also get the unlimited access pass for downloading any or all of 'glow', in any or all formats for your ipod or computer.

"are these guys nutz?" you ask.

"heh heh yea,......nutz like a fox.........only bigger"

"If you like songs that are simultaneously catchy and meaningful, [have] equal doses of bad ass singing and playing ... skillfully executed production utilizing some of the days latest technolgies and methodologies then you need to be checking out James Katz..."

- Dave Johnson
(Bo Diddley, Screaming Headless Torsos)
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"As a musician playing another person's songs, the greatest joy is to be given the opportunity to play a collection of music that is vital and seemingly inevitable. To feel that the songwriter had no choice but to make this music.....that it bubbles up and out from him or her without regard for external factors.

The combination of song and songwriter is inevitable.

Getting to chance to play with James is one of those happy occasions. For weeks, Tuesday nights held a special place for me. It meant I'd get to go the to C Note and play vital music with the incredible JK band.

James, Matt Beck, Matt Johnson and myself showed up each week to kill it.

And we did.

This recording is the culmination of those Tuesday nights, and all our work and devotion to JK's tunes.

I can't wait until the next batch bubbles up and out of James. It's inevitable really."

- Nicholas D'Amatto
(Wane Krantz, Poppa Chubby)
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